At Luther Village on the Park we seek out and hire only the most dedicated, caring and skilled staff. We provide a supportive and empowering environment for our staff which inspires them to provide dedicated service to a very high standard, with passion and the capacity to go the extra mile. Our staff enjoy and find meaning in their work at Luther Village on the Park and value the relationships formed with residents and their families, staff and volunteers.

If you are interested in working or volunteering at Luther Village on the Park, please see our careers page.

Staff Directory:

Call 519-783-3710 and enter the following extensions:

Rebecca Roy - Executive Director - x 1242

Margo Blayney - Director of Operations - x 2224


Lindsie Driver - Events Coordinator - x 2031

Jacklynn Roedding - Events Coordinator - x 2032


David Neugebauer - Facilities Manager - x 2010

Elizabeth Fernandez - Housekeeping Supervisor - x 3717

Bill Pennings - Facilities Coordinator - x 1274

Ken Hart - Grounds Coordinator - x 1278


Jason Toporowski - Assistant Manager - x 2006

Kim Lapointe - Assistant Manager - x 2007

Kyle Kukac - Assistant Manager - x 2029


Chris Koller - Retirement Living Specialist - x 2220

Charlotte Daniel - Retirement Living Specialist - x 2244

Maria Pacheco - Financial Accountant - x 1207

Maggie Fislova - Customer Service Supervisor - x 2030


Brian McBay - Music Therapist - 519-884-1470 x 1111

Donna Faus - Clinician/Counsellor - 519-622-1670 x 1211

Josephine Castillo - Director of Resident Care - x 2002

Joy Hancock - Wellness Coordinator - x 2009

Rick Tozer - Wellness Manager - x 2033

Sara Nelson - RPN Supervisor - x 2035

Nancy Munn - Fitness Coordinator - x 1265

Wendy Rowland - PSW Supervisor - x 2014

“Every step of the way, staff at Luther Village have proved professional and patient. Family members received support and wise counsel, as did my aunt ... I know the leadership must be good because the assistants who help my aunt are kindly and cheerful. I have a few relatives in seniors' homes now, and there's not the slightest doubt in my mind that Luther Village is the best of its kind. ”

- a Sunshine Centre resident family member