Wellenss Wheel: Mind, Body, Spirit at Luther Village on the Park Retirement Community for Active Seniors

At Luther Village on the Park, we believe that a holistic, healthy aging model will provide our residents with the resources they need to thrive within our community. We hold this vision for our residents: that they enjoy active, healthy, vibrant lives, supported by the wide range of services we offer.  Within the constellation of services that we offer - Food service, Medical service, Sales and Customer service, Events and Activities, Social services, Facilities services, Spiritual services and partnerships - our vision for healthy aging is the central commitment of all we do.

At Luther Village on the Park we offer thousands of Events and Activities each year to meet the variety of needs and interests of our residents. We keep minds, hearts and bodies active and reduce social isolation by offering outings to the local mall and theatre, group viewings of movies and sports events, physical activities such as Thai Chi, gardening and walking groups, card and group games, live musical entertainment and social hours.

We provide Spiritual Services which support residents as they pursue their spiritual practice on their own or in the company of fellow believers.  We have a Chapel and meditation/quiet room, as well as a dedicated Chaplain who is available for conversation and pastoral counseling. Our religious and spiritual programming meets a range of needs and includes church services for various denominations, hymn sings, Bible Study, as well as available space for religious representatives from our community to come to Luther Village to provide support to our residents.

Luther Village on the Park provides a range of Medical Services to support healthy bodies and minds. We offer a Wellness Centre, which gives residents access to the services of a Doctor and Nurse, as well as comprehensive health information from the community and health-related events. All residents can use our state-of-the-art Emergency Response System in case of falls or in situations requiring staff response.

Our care services are flexible and customized to meet individual needs, and include a variety of options such as personal and private care, spa support and coordination, medication administration and wound and incontinence care. Onsite services such as foot care, optometry, physiotherapy, kinesiology, hearing aid clinics, and massage therapy make Luther Village on the Park an all-inclusive, “one-stop shopping” health centre for our residents.

Our Food Services department plays an integral role in our healthy aging model. Within this department, we support resident wellness by offering a range of healthy and delicious snacking and dining choices. Our health food store is equipped with a variety of nutritious options such as fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals and organic items. Dietary staff members develop healthy menus for the Village Café, Martin’s Restaurant, the Sunshine Centre Dining room and for catering functions.

Our Sales and Customer Service department – also known as “The Front Desk” – is the first place our new and established residents can go if they have questions or need services. Our team is linked to all the other teams at Luther Village and we have the knowledge and experience to direct residents to the appropriate staff member or department to fulfill their need.  We deliver important information through various means such as LVP-TV (our dedicated cable information channel) and the Village Vine (our monthly newsletter) to inform residents of events, activities, menus, facilities updates, and health tips and other healthy aging initiatives. We also ensure a seamless transition in housing and lifestyle options to meet the changing healthcare needs of our residents coming in from the community, or transitioning within Luther Village on the Park’s continuum of care.

Social services at Luther Village on the Park include friendly visits to new residents, resident memory-sharing groups and social work support for those working through transition, loss and other personal issues. With the opportunity to speak and be heard, residents can become stronger in body, mind and spirit.

We also offer Music Therapy, through which residents can sing or play an instrument – individually or in a group – in a guided setting. Through Music Therapy, residents discover new ways to express themselves, take pleasure in creativity and connect with others in a non-verbal setting. This may be particularly valuable for the many seniors who experience difficulty expressing themselves verbally, but have much to express from the heart.

Luther Village is well known for its beautiful and carefully maintained building and landscape. The Facilities team takes special care to create a beautiful environment to uplift the hearts of our residents and their guests, while providing the comfort and security of a clean, well-maintained and safe environment in which to rest, walk and exercise. Outside, residents enjoy acres of land for sitting (shaded and sunny), walking, gardening and playing outdoor games, as well as a play structure for young visitors and a nearby park. Inside, residents can take advantage of the health and leisure benefits of our fitness room, games and puzzle rooms, library, business centre, pottery studio, quilting room, recreation room, and our Muskoka Lounge. Meanwhile, their guests relax in our comfortable and affordable Guest Suites, complete with Wi-Fi internet connection, cable and air conditioner. In the comfort of their own homes, we provide Assisted Living residents with levels of Housekeeping and Laundry service, while both life lease and Assisted Living residents may take advantage of A La Carte Cleaning and Maintenance services. In this beautiful, safe, comfortable and stimulating environment, our residents relax and allow their health to flourish.