As We Reflect on these Past Few Months, We are Overwhelmed with Gratitude…

We want to take this opportunity to thank residents and their families for the sacrifices made to keep Luther Village safe.  We know many of you have experienced quarantine fatigue and are anxious to resume some sense of normalcy.  On the other hand, we are aware of the anxiety that loosening of restrictions will cause.

As Ontario begins to reopen in phases, we find ourselves in a new chapter. We encourage residents and their families to take a slow and gradual approach. The pandemic is not over, and as the province starts to enter phase two of their recovery plan, we must continue to support one another and be disciplined along the way.

There is evidence that increasing social circles too quickly can result in clusters of new COVID-19 cases. Keep social circles as small as possible and make a pact with a friend to limit interactions with only each other!

Throughout this pandemic our leadership team was faced with making quick decisions in the interest of protecting staff and residents alike.  The outpouring of positive feedback and appreciation from both residents and their families has been incredible. It illustrates just how close we are as a community and proves that we truly are in this together.

(note received from a resident’s pen pal from The School Board of Toronto – Thank you Dorje)