Blog Post: All With a Good Story

Every week in the Little Hall from 1:45 to 2:45 there is a reading group that takes place ran by two volunteers and each week multiple residents find their way down to that location. The reading group allows for the reading and sharing of literature and promotes topic based discussion. Many residents love being read to whether it be a spooky poem by Edgar Allan Poe around Halloween or a short story about giving around Christmas. Many resident's failing eye sight has hindered their ability to relish in a good book but the reading group allows them to simply come and listen. If hearing is the issue, Luther Village has fantastic technologically advanced ear pieces that aid in hearing and the overall amplification of the reader’s voices. The reading group does all that it can to be a hospitable and welcoming environment for literature lovers.

The residents have grown to become friends over time and many even feel comfortable sharing literature that they favor or a personal story from their own lives. Sharing is a great way to build relationships, spark conversations, and get everyone in the room thinking. Reading group has become a highlight of some residents’ week in which they engage with friends, stimulate their brains, and enjoy great literary pieces. Literature and poetry has a way of engaging the mind to such a depth that it gets residents excited and interacting and sometimes personally surprised by what they are able to recall. Reading group encourages the residents to speak and share, those whom chose to contribute to the group reap the most benefits as they really feel the positive effects of social interactions and memory stimulation. The reading group volunteers are often pleasantly surprised by the amount of willing participators, the love of literature, and the intellectual quality of the discussions had.

Julia Hall, Luther Village Volunteer