Blog Post: Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is a time of year when people and communities come together to celebrate caring, unity and warmth. The birth of Christ, the miracle of Chanukah, the heritage of Kwanzaa, the hopefulness of Solstice, or simply the gathering of community to share gifts, food, conversation and kindness, make this season very special.

Like any close knit community, we at Luther Village face challenges throughout the year – in our own lives, and in our life together. This is a part of living in a vibrant community where people care deeply. We are fortunate in this community for the care and kindness that is a deep part of our culture, which allows us to face these challenges with respect and compassion. Particularly at this time of year, we celebrate our unity and the ways we show caring for each other.

Here at Luther Village, we have many opportunities to celebrate the season: our recent resident Christmas party was, as usual, a huge success and brought smiles to many faces. For those in our community for whom Christmas can feel sad or difficult due to losses of loved ones and other challenges, we held our Blue Christmas event. This gentle and low key event allowed residents to come together to offer Christmas comfort and joy, while also acknowledging the pain we sometimes feel in this season.

Around the Village, beautiful decorations put up with love and care by our staff create an atmosphere of joy and beauty for all to appreciate. Now if only it would snow in time for Christmas! Wishing you and yours a safe and happy season!                                                                                  

Rebecca Roy, Executive Director at Luther Village on the Park