Blog Post: Iris & Luther Village’s Own Stylish Seniors

Luther Village on the Park is excited to be presenting renowned filmmaker Albert Mayles’ documentary “Iris”, featuring Iris Apfel, legendary style icon and fashion entrepreneur now in her 90s and still going strong and stylish!

For more info about the film, which opened at the Princess Cinema in Uptown Waterloo on Friday for a limited run, please go to:

Here at Luther Village, we’ve written about senior style before, so sponsoring this documentary was a natural fit for us. We are treated to our residents’ style and creativity with fashion every day. During our recent talent show, one performer wore a gorgeous vintage dress from the ‘teens (the 19-teens!) that belonged to her grandmother. Looking amazing, she put the Downton Abbey girls to shame while performing her own rendition of Nat King Coles’ “Unforgettable” accompanied by stand up base and piano. We also enjoy more modern styles when Geri Fashions visits with their large selection of stylish clothing, and invites our residents to put on a fashion show.

Today we hit Luther Village on the Park Mainstreet to bring you some of the latest styles our residents are wearing.

Casual elegance in the Sunshine

Classic Canadian Retro "CBC" Print Shirt

Relaxed casual pastels and neutrals for summer comfort and socializing

Elegant neutrals and a crisp white cap show off a fabulous tan!

Heading out for the day in classic shades and a flowing summer pant suit.

Funky day dress in simple summer style.

Cute pantsuit with geometric detailing


Thanks everyone for sharing your style with us!