Blog Post: Oral Hygiene and Healthy Aging

When one considers healthy aging and oral hygiene, no one can deny the benefits of a beautiful smile with a mouth full of healthy teeth! A lovely smile contributes to the wellbeing of both the giver and the receiver.  According to the World Health Organization the following areas benefit from good oral hygiene as well:

  • Eating – Ongoing ability to chew allows a person to enjoy the taste and texture of food, which encourages older people to eat well and get the nutrients they need for good health.
  • Speaking – Teeth help maintain clear speech.
  • Appearance – Teeth are important to one’s appearance, which helps maintain self-esteem.
  • Health – The health of a person’s mouth will impact the overall health of the person (bacteria or infections in the mouth can lead to other health related issues).
  • Healthy jaw bones – Maintaining natural teeth help maintain strong jaw bones, which are necessary to support dentures, should they be needed.

A healthy mouth is one that is free of pain and infection, with no untreated tooth decay, and with pink gum tissues that do not bleed on brushing. The mouth should be moist with no evidence of lumps or unusual colour on or under the tongue. To learn about dentistry appointments at Luther Village, please call the Wellness Centre at 519-783-3236 ext. 2023.

Joy Hancock
Wellness Coordinator