Blog Post: Sun Awareness Month

“Ah, summer - what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” (Russell Baker, American Journalist and Columnist)

Summer is a wonderful time and the sun can be a source of joy and healing. The sun gives us Vitamin D naturally, which strengthens our bones. It also stimulates tryptamine production, which makes us feel happy. And it’s warms us up, after a long Canadian winter and a rainy spring!

The sun can also be a source of dis-ease, if we do not respect its power. If we expose our skin to the sun without protection, for a long period of time, we can get a sunburn which is painful. The skin damage from this sunburn can increase our chances of developing basal cell, and squamous cell cancers as well as deadly melanomas.

June is “Sun Awareness” month. Enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and appropriate sunscreen!

Joy Hancock
Wellness Coordinator, Luther Village