Blog Post: The Wellness Centre Supports Residents & Their Loved Ones

Joy Hancock, Wellness Coordinator, in the new Atrium Wellness Centre

We are excited to announce that the Wellness Centre at Luther Village on the Park recently expanded to two locations. The first, the original Wellness Centre, is now called the Sunshine Wellness Centre. This location will continue to serve Sunshine Centre residents, as well as Dr Deen’s patients. Debi, our Wellness Assistant, continues to have a presence in this office as does Jackie Yost, our Director of Care.  A new Atrium Wellness Centre has opened up next to the Village Shoppe in the Atrium. Joy Hancock, our Wellness Coordinator, is now located in this space. Both Wellness Centres offer residents and their loved ones a variety of services that support the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, “the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being”*. Because each resident is unique, the Wellness Centres strive to offer information and care tailored specifically to individual needs.  Joy is a great resource in connecting with residents and their loved ones to determine the best course of action in any given situation. She welcomes all residents and their family/caregivers to call her anytime and check in!

Here are the services offered by the Wellness Centre:

General: Preventative health strategies encompassing all the different dimensions of wellness;
suggestions to make resident activities of daily living easier and more fulfilling; individualized care and consultation.

Physical: Connect residents with a range of onsite wellness services including foot care, hearing health, optometry, massage therapy, and more; offer blood work and blood pressure clinics; provide traditional and non-traditional health practitioner sourcing; provide recommendations for sourcing medical supplies; provide vaccination and public health referrals; arrange for outside services and programs; St Mary’s hospital hosts a specialized geriatric clinic here every 2 months.

Intellectual: Facilitate and explain how to navigate the health care system– this system is always changing, and it’s a challenge sometimes for even health care professionals to keep up – we can help you; education on how to communicate with health professionals; facilitation for empowered, independent health care decision making; health consultation and education.

Emotional: Help residents to maintain their independence; facilitate family and resident meetings for anticipatory guidance regarding changing health status.

Social: Advocate for health service; act as a liaison with the Resident Health Committee, community health services and volunteers; family mediation.

Spiritual: Connect residents with spiritual programming including a Chapel, Pastor and other
spiritual practitioners; provide information on end of life and palliative processes.

Occupational: Education on transportation options; connect residents with volunteer opportunities.

Environmental: Advocate for the use of environmentally friendly practices and products in this
facility and on our grounds; connect residents with resources for environmental sensitivities and food allergies/sensitivities.

Finally, the Wellness Centre is always looking for better ways to serve residents and caregiver needs, and is happy to receive feedback and respond to it.