Blog Post: Thriving through Transition - Aging in Place

Two senior couples, one slightly younger than the other, socialize together while smiling

“Aging in place” – have you heard this expression yet? According to the Centre for Disease Control, aging in place is defined as “the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age, income, or ability level”(1). When a person chooses to age in place, they stay in their home community and have support brought in as needed such as meals, housekeeping, nursing and personal care support, or companionship. This allows them to maintain the continuity of social connection that is so vital to human physical and mental well-being.

Aging in place can also apply to retirement communities. Some forward thinking people choose to purchase independent units in retirement communities (such as our Garden Villas and Atrium Suites) because living in this type of accommodation increases social connection and eases day to day house maintenance, years before any type of extra care is needed. After many years of living in such a community, if these individuals begin to require a higher level of care, aging in place continues to be beneficial. Relationships, routines and the physical environment in the retirement community have now become integral. At this point, many individuals choose to bring in extra support, which is a great way to support aging in place within a retirement community setting.

Luther Village on the Park, like other forward thinking retirement communities, offers a further aging in place option beyond bringing in individual support. We also have our Sunshine Centre which offers privacy and independence, as well as three meals a day and housekeeping. Nursing, personal care and laundry are additional options. Residents who decide to age in place by transitioning from their Garden Villa or Atrium Suite to a Sunshine Centre suite benefit from many different support options while maintaining their social relationships (with both staff and other residents), routines and familiarity with the common areas and grounds of Luther Village. Additionally, and not everyone knows this, any resident moving from a Suite or Villa to the Sunshine Centre automatically receives a 2.5% discount on their monthly rent.

Aging in place seeks to reduce stress and disconnection in older adults and ensure continuity of good health and spirits. And, like any transition, there are many things to be considered and lots of information to process. We invite any resident currently living in a Suite or Villa to come and chat with Joy Hancock, our Wellness Coordinator, or Carol Walrath, our Sales Associate, both of whom can answer many of your questions. And we welcome residents and members of the wider 55+ community to book a Short Term Stay suite to find out firsthand how pleasant life can be in the Sunshine Centre, and at Luther Village on the Park.