Dedication of Luther Village Chapel Piano - In Memory of Dora R. Nixon

Pastor Jeff Kentel with Fred Blayney at the dedication service

Luther Village on the Park was pleased this month to host the dedication of the beautiful piano in our Chapel to the memory of Dora R. Nixon, an admired contralto singer in the Kitchener-Waterloo community, mother of Dora May Blayney and mother-in-law of Fred Blayney.            

Dora Mae, who passed this year, and her husband Fred, are long-time and much loved residents of Luther Village on the Park. Fred remembers the piano in his mother-in-law’s home in Kitchener, in the location where the Centre in the Square currently stands. She was a popular vocalist at local churches and concerts. When Dora had to move out of her home, she gave the piano to Fred and Dora Mae as a gift, and they had it for many years in their home on John Boulevard in the Westmount neighbourhood.

Fred Blayney with a portrait of Dora Mae

When the Blayneys made the move to Luther Village in 1997, they graciously donated the piano to the Luther Village Chapel where it stands today, bringing joy to worshippers and music lovers in our community.

In early December 2015, Pastor Jeff Kentel led a dedication of the piano at the Sunday Worship Service. A plaque is now mounted on the piano so that all may remember Dora R. Nixon, her love of music, and the generousity she inspired in others.