Guest Blog Post: How to be a Positive, Happy Person!

By Emily, Wellness Co-op Student

Some say that negativity is an inevitable aspect of the world we live in, but there are many who would disagree! There are so many reasons to be positive, and so many ways to generate positivity in our lives.

On March 20, the day before International Day of Happiness, I gave a presentation to the residents of Luther Village on the Park called “How to be Positive.” In it, I gave lots of suggestions on how to keep a smile on your face. In this article I will present a few highlights from the presentation.

There are two important steps to conquer the negativity in your life. The first is to overcome personal negativity, and the second is to avoid becoming affected by other’s negativity. Here are some tips for overcoming personal negativity:

• Stay positive by loving everything around you! Do not be picky, do not be judgmental: everything has beauty even if it is not right on the surface.
• Stay curious about the world. During the presentation, I put beautiful microscopic images up on the screen and I asked the participants what they were. No one was able to guess, and they were surprised to discover that the pictures were of gin, vodka, and whiskey at high magnification. There is so much to learn about our world that is not apparent at first glance.

When learning how to avoid being impacted by other’s negativity, whether that person is close to you, or just someone you encounter in the course of daily life, it’s best to acknowledge but not agree. When someone is being negative, listen to them, but don’t start agreeing with them! As soon as you agree, you might start becoming negative! If you can avoid becoming negative, you can begin to influence the other person’s attitude by bringing positivity to them. Attitudes and behaviours are contagious among humans, and smiles are especially contagious. So when you are trying to influence a negative person into being a positive one, start with a smile!