Blog Post: Helping Residents prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

The decision to medically treat for hypertension, is based on blood pressure (BP) numbers reviewed annually by the International Society of Hypertension. One reading in a doctor’s office is really not a good representation of your BP, as random fluctuations can occur. BP is unique to an individual and measuring it with a consistent machine, at a consistent time, and in a consistent setting is actually a better reflection of true BP.

There is overwhelming evidence that increased BP is a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The Wellness Centre can provide you with a document sheet to present to your doctor providing them an important assessment tool to aid in prevention of cardiac disease and stroke. It is easy and cost efficient to self-monitor at home, or you can come to weekly clinics held in the Luther Village Wellness Centre. Call the Luther Village Wellness Centre for more information 519-783-3236 ext. 2023.


Joy Hancock, RN

Wellness Coordinator, Luther Village