New Memory and Dementia Care Service and Team

Waterloo – When an older adult begins to struggle with memory loss or dementia, it is hard for both the individual as well as their family. Luther Village on the Park has opened a dedicated floor of 33 suites to help local seniors cope with dementia and give peace of mind to their families who know their loved ones are safe.

According to Public Health Agency of Canada, more than 402,000 Canadian seniors are currently living with dementia and the percentage of those living with dementia has increased by 21% in 10 years. While dementia comes in many forms, the illness is characterized by a loss of mental function that affects daily activities and happens when cells in the brain die or important nerve connections are broken. Alzheimer's disease is the most well-known and severe form of dementia.

“Families trust us with their loved ones,” said Rebecca Roy, Executive Director of Luther Village on the Park. “With an aging population and increasing rates of dementia, we saw a growing need for specialized accommodations to support our residents living with mild to moderate dementia while they waited for more appropriate long-term care arrangements. Our new Memory Care floor provides the highest level of care and service in a secure, home-like environment.”

Luther Village’s newly renovated Memory Care floor has specialized features to support the complex needs of seniors living with dementia. These include a 24-hour wandering alert system and dedicated open areas suitable for walking and socializing with others. Residents are supported by a team of RN, RPNs, PSWs, chaplain, kinesiologist, certified music therapist and registered social worker. Residents enjoy meals created by Red Seal chefs in their own private dining area and receive care from an onsite physician, visiting geriatrician, optometrist and dentist to name a few. Activities are designed with the holistic needs of residents in mind. Family members are encouraged to join their loved ones and participate in any of the programs and activities offered.

“Since our Memory Care floor opened in November, the improvement families have noticed in their loved one’s engagement and well-being has been remarkable,” concluded Roy.