Luther Village Celebrates Active Aging Week 2016!

This year, for the first time, Luther Village on the Park celebrated Active Aging Week, which is an event held on the last week of September each year that helps spread the International Council on Active Aging message that adults ages 50 and older are fully participating members of society, while promoting the benefits of leading an active, healthier lifestyle. The Wellness Team at Luther Village also believes in this message!

From Monday, September 26th – Saturday, October 1st Luther Village residents and staff 50 years of age and over were invited to add their shoe to the track to show how active they were throughout the week. Luther Village is home to many active folks including swimmers, walkers, runners, cyclists, dancers, and fitness class enthusiasts. This week showcases our active community!

Each colour of shoe represents a different length of time. Residents wrote their name and activity on the appropriate shoe and we posted it on the track to show how active our community at Luther Village is.

Here was our progress on Tuesday ...

And then by the end of the week! Way to go Luther Village community, you're so active! Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Victoria Fair our Fitness Coordinator and our Wellness Team for supporting this initiative!