Music and Memory Pilot Program

The Music and Memory Committee at the Sunshine Centre (memory care floor)  is excited to announce the launch of our Music and Memory Program.  The Program aims to improve the quality of life for residents through the use of individualized music playlists.  Music has been shown to have strong connections to personal long term memories and to help residents feel happier, more social and less anxious.  The Sunshine Centre has recently been Music and Memory certified and will be rolling out a pilot program in the near future.  Look for up and coming announcements!!!

For more information and some informative and interesting watching please check out…. and (original) Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era.  If you have Netflix also check out the award winning documentary ‘Alive Inside’!

For further information please contact our ‘Events and Activities Department’, either Gwynne Redford or Larissa Kempster.