Please Welcome Our New Food Services Manager

Chris Humphries is a man of many passions. An avid sports buff, he enjoys playing hockey, golf and rugby, and travelling across Canada and the United States with his friends to see games and cheer on his favourite teams.

He also loves travelling with his ten-year-old daughter Isabel on adventures to Quebec or to water parks in the summers.

One passion that he has been able to bring to his career is his passion for food, which he has graciously shared with Lutherwood since joining us two months ago as Food Services Manager at LVP.

Chris’s diverse culinary background began in his early twenties when he accepted a chef position in the Cayman Islands, and spent several years there and in Miami Beach. After that he came back to Canada to get his Degree in Food and Nutrition at Ottawa University.

In the years since, Chris has kept himself very busy as the Director of Culinary for the Charcoal Group in the region, overseeing seven popular restaurants including Charcoal Steakhouse, Moose Winooski’s and Beertown. He also purchased his own restaurant, the Fionn MacCool’s in downtown Kitchener, which he decided to sell last year.

Chris is excited to be working for Lutherwood, with more stable work days and hours so that he can start to settle down and spend more evenings with his daughter.

“Lutherwood has been fantastic,” Chris said enthusiastically. “Everyone here, Margo and Rebecca are great leaders, and it speaks so much about an organization when the retention levels are so high. All the staff members and the residents are just incredible.”

In terms of the future of food services at LVP, Chris has some big ideas.

“Instead of segregating its parts, I want to put everything under one umbrella. Sunshine, Martins, the Café and catering, they can all be one encompassing entity for food, and staff will be trained to work across them all. I’m hoping to make things more efficient that way.”

As well as that, Martin’s menu is getting a revamp, and Chris hopes to bring more of a market feel to the café and bring family dining back to Sunshine. There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for the restaurants and staff of LVP now that we have Chris on our team!