Welcome to 2024! After celebrating New Year’s, we shifted our focus to self-care and wellness for the month of January. Our display board helped us set some small intentions and invited us to participate in one daily action to improve our wellbeing each day. Our Wellness Coordinator Joy presented on the importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing, where good questions were asked, and a lot was learned. Our Mental Wellness Art Workshop invited residents to a serene space with gentle music and a hot cup of tea with options to engage in crafts and artwork to soothe our minds. On the Memory Care floor, the community participated in various artwork and crafts including making no-sew blankets, painting with Bob Ross, making bird feeders and a horticulture workshop with Sue.

Resident at Luther Village on the Park enjoyed a horticulture workshop with Ubgreen.


Our days were brightened by our weekly entertainers at our pub socials, Friday afternoons, or the beautiful concert at our Musical Drop-In on a Monday afternoon.  


Picture of two people standing by the piano at Luther Village on the Park.


It was wonderful to see so many of our community and team members dress up in their brightest outfits for Colourful Monday and come out to enjoy some beautiful ice cream sundaes topped with a variety of our favourite toppings. The freezing cold weather couldn’t hold us back! The many smiling faces leaving that day confirmed that being together (and a little sweet treat) can be a source of joy in our days.  


Residents enjoying sundaes at Luther Village on the Park.


We enjoyed the Historical Re-enactment with Bob Rennie as he walked us through the journey of war re-enactment, specifically the War of 1812. The presentation featured pictures from various re-enactment locations, historical attire, and resources for more information about this part of our history.   

This month we also welcomed and oriented several of our students and volunteers who we appreciate so much!

We are looking forward to February as we reflect on and celebrate Black History Month as well as the theme of LOVE.

 *The Wellness Team